Getting started with NVIDIA Jetson Nano


  • microSD card (at least 16 GB)
    As Jetson Nano uses a microSD card as a boot device and it need to be fast and large.
  • Micro USB Power supply of 5V 2A or DC Power adapter of 5V 4A
    There is compulsorily requirement of actual 5V 2A micro USB or 5V 4A DC adapter, Power supply in which fluctuation occur are not allowed.
  • Wired or Wireless USB mouse and Keyboard.
  • HDMI screen and cable.
  • Network adapter (Optional)

Burn Image to SD card

Formatting of SD card

  • First of all you need to format a SD card using SD card formatter
    You download it from :
  • Download and install it. 
  • Select card drive.
  • Select Quick format.
  • You can give a name in volume label or you can leave it blank.
  • Click Format to start formatting, and “Yes” on the warning dialog.
  • After doing this you done with formatting of your SD card, now let’s have a look on how to burn image to SD card.

Write image to MicroSD card

  • Now to write image on Sd card you need Etcher
    You can download it from :
  • Download and install it. after that the software look like
  • As you can in image you need to select image file
    You can download it from :
  • Here not that you don’t need to unzip the file you can directly select it.
  • Then select your SD card in which you want to write image.
  • After that press Flash to start writing.
  • It will take some time to burn.
  • After completing Flash, your SD card is ready to use with Jetson Nano.

Setup and Boot

  • Now insert SD card into Jetson Nano Board.
  • Connect mouse, keyboard, HDMI cable and Power supply
  • After coonecting Power supply it will automatically boot, you can see right bottom side one green LED will blink.

Now you need to configure all basic things first like
First of all accept term and condition and click on continue
after that it will ask you to select country, keyboard etc. you can choose as you preference.
After that you need to enter a name and password for user and that’s it

  • Now you can enjoy the development on Jetson Nano


Power supply

  • If you are using USB power supply than you need good quality power supply and if you want to use DC adapter power supply than in middle left side of Jetson nano you need to connect a Jumper.